Enduro Camp Training

Enduro Camp Training

For the Enduro Camp course, it is designed for those who want to escape the monotony of traditional studies, which will only learn and have to use in the future, but this course will take up to 2 days of training. which in this course It is considered a course that has received a lot of feedback from students. Because it is fun, challenging and able to apply the various techniques that are practiced to real situations immediately, where everyone who receives the training will see the difference between before and after receiving internal training. This course It’s like going to a training camp in intense driving.



The Enduro Camp course is designed for individuals who seek to break free from traditional learning methods, where they only learn and have to apply the knowledge on their own in the future. However, this course spans a training period of 2 days and is highly acclaimed by the learners. It offers a combination of excitement, challenges, and immediate application of various techniques practiced in real-life situations. Every participant who attends the training will witness the difference between before and after the course, akin to undergoing intensive driving training camp.

Day 1:
You will undergo fundamental adjustments in driving skills from our experienced instructors, focusing on strengthening areas where you lack proficiency and building upon your existing knowledge. This will enable you to drive with increased confidence and immediately apply the techniques you have practiced to address real-life situations.

Day 2:
This will be a scenic driving excursion accompanied by close guidance and recommendations from our instructors. Today, you will have the opportunity to apply the techniques and knowledge transmitted by the instructors to real-life scenarios. The prepared route encompasses natural beauty and various natural obstacles that you must navigate safely. We place great emphasis on ensuring a fun, exhilarating experience while prioritizing safety at all times.

Additional information


What you will learn in the Basic course.

  • Theory
  • Bike Setup
  • Riding Position
  • Balance
  • Accelerate and Braking
  • Cornering Technique
  • Up Hill & Down Hill
  • etc.

What else you will receive.

– Lunch and drinks throughout the day (accommodation not included)
– Free Jersey (1 piece)
– Training sessions in a closed course spanning over 60 acres at Touratech Adventure & Enduro Park

Today’s registration includes a free Jersey for each participant. Additionally, complimentary lunch and drinks will be provided throughout the day.

Time : 9:30 – 15:30
Location : Touratech Adventure & Enduro Park.
Map : https://goo.gl/maps/bTpdvG7VEev4wM2q9
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