Adventure : Advance Skill

Adventure : Advance Skill

In this course you will learn about the terms Balance (balance) and Traction (grip).



In this course you will learn about the terms Balance (balance) and Traction (grip).

Braking without ABS Off-road braking without ABS

Balance In this exercise you will learn to balance the car and how to harmonize your body with the car. If you have good driving balance. You will use significantly less energy while driving.

Full Lock or simply called turning to the end of the car’s turn and riding in a circle many times, both left and right without putting your legs down.

Long Up Hill & Long Down Hill
In this lesson you will learn how to choose the right line for driving and learn how to control the car safely while driving up and down long hills.

Crossing Technique: Crossing obstacles that are essential for adventure vehicles.

Power Slide, steering the car with engine power.

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What you will learn in the Advanced course.

  • Mount & Un Mount
  • Tight Turn
  • Full Lock
  • Sand Riding
  • Turn On The Hill (Up & Down)
  • Quick U-Turn
  • Towing
  • etc.

What else you will receive.

Today’s registration includes a free Jersey for each participant. Additionally, complimentary lunch and drinks will be provided throughout the day.

Time: 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Price: 6,000 Baht per person
Capacity: Maximum of 15 participants
Location: Touratech Adventure & Enduro Park
Map :

This course will be instructed by certified trainers who have undergone training at the BMW Motorrad International Instructor Academy, specializing in both On-Road and Off-Road techniques.
● Off-Road Skills Hotline : 089-939-5291
● LINE@ :
● Website :


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