Facility Facility

Tourartech Adventure & Enduro Park

Touratech Adventure & Enduro Park is located in Ban Beung, Chonburi province.
The park is designed for learning and practicing off-road motorcycle riding skills, including:

  • Adventure motorcycles
  • Enduro motorcycles
  • Off-road motorcycles

The concept behind creating this training park is to align with the adventurous spirit of motorcycle travel. The park spans over 60 acres and simulates various obstacles and challenges encountered in real-life riding scenarios.

The park is divided into three sections:

Trial Area: This area is dedicated to developing fundamental to advanced riding skills. It greatly benefits riders in terms of balance improvement and precise control. Trials motorcycles are widely used in Europe and America for skill development.

Enduro Cross Area: This section is designed to train riders in overcoming different types of obstacles, ranging from easy to challenging. It offers a thrilling and unique experience where riders can confidently apply various techniques learned to adventure motorcycles.

Adventure Area: This section is the most significant part of the park’s design. It includes simulated terrain obstacles such as sand, dirt, rocks, water, hills, logs, and various adventure travel challenges encountered worldwide.

Rental Bikes

Rental Bikes for Training and Tour.

For learning to ride an off-road motorcycle. The easiest way to start training and develop quickly. You should start practicing with a real enduro bike that has excellent riding performance. Regardless of the light weight good engine power good braking system Easy to control and can practice every technique without any limitations.

List of the bike for rent.

  • Sherco 300 SE Factory / Enduro
  • Sherco 250 SEF Factory / Enduro
  • Sherco 300 ST Factory / Trial
  • Honda CRF300L / Enduro