Enduro Basic Skill

Enduro Basic Skill

This course is designed for those who have never ridden enduro before. You will learn all the basic skills of driving an enduro vehicle.



The skills you learn can be used in traveling. and survive in the journey The contents of this course are as follows.
Bike Setup – customizing the bike to suit the rider.
Warm Up – warming up the body before driving.
Riding Position – The correct riding position.
How to lift the bike – lifting the car in different ways.
Enduro Steering – Enduro steering control.
Braking – Using the brakes safely.
Emergency Stop On The Slope – Stopping the vehicle on a slope.
Up Hill & Down Hill – going uphill and downhill.
Basic Quick U-Turn – Basic Quick U-Turn.

Note: Students can choose to study as appropriate in that course. And everyone who completes the course will receive a certificate from Off-Road Skills Thailand by a trainer who is specifically certified by the institute.

In case of wanting to cancel or postpone the course.

  • If the applicant is unable to attend the course that he has applied for We reserve the right not to refund the application fee in any case.
  • Candidates can postpone to the next class, but must cancel 10 days before class. After that, you will be considered for a waiver.

    * Students must be a person who has a motorcycle driving license only.

Additional information


What you will learn in the Basic course.

  • Theory
  • Bike Setup
  • Riding Position
  • Balance
  • Accelerate and Braking
  • Cornering Technique
  • Up Hill & Down Hill
  • etc.

What else you will receive.

– Lunch and drinks throughout the day (accommodation not included)
– Free Jersey (1 piece)
– Training sessions in a closed course spanning over 60 acres at Touratech Adventure & Enduro Park

Today’s registration includes a free Jersey for each participant. Additionally, complimentary lunch and drinks will be provided throughout the day.

Time : 9:30 – 15:30
Location : Touratech Adventure & Enduro Park.
Map : https://goo.gl/maps/bTpdvG7VEev4wM2q9
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